Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of use

Welcome to the Dvendor application, please read the terms and conditions carefully before using the application, and before browsing or adding any advertisement we have, and it is considered an acknowledgment by you to read and agree to the terms and conditions.

DVENDOR owns the Dvendor application, which is a platform that provides a space for selling different products to its users (buyers and sellers). Responsibility and does not provide any guarantee towards users regarding the buying and selling operations and the quality of the products, and it is not referred to to claim compensation for any losses.

Instructions and rules of product or auctions on the application: 

  • The product or auction is listed after registration with the mobile phone number and email. 
  • The advertiser must classify the product or auction and publish it under the correct section. 
  • The title of the product or auction, product description, price, and photos must be written correctly, and the item must be real and available. 
  • The advertiser must be The product or auction is the owner of the commodity or service. 
  • The product or auctions are in a personal capacity and it is forbidden to publish advertisements on behalf of others.
  •  It is prohibited to advertise an product or auction that contains words or images that violate public morals or are illegal, as well as any product or auction that aims to defame people or institutions.
  •  It is prohibited to publish advertisements for the sale of weapons of all kinds, whether licensed or unlicensed. 
  • Each product or auction shall be for one commodity only, and in the event of multiple commodities, a separate product or auction shall be established for each commodity. Especially Law No. 63 of 2015 regarding combating cybercrimes, and Law No. 38 of 2002 regulating the advertisement of health-related materials, and it is prohibited to publish advertisements or product or auctions of medicines and sexual stimulants. (CITES), in compliance with the decisions and regulations of the Public Authority for the Environment. 
  • The product or auction is prohibited for domestic workers of all kinds, as well as the publication of advertisements for fictitious labor or the rental of workers for homes in hours.
  •  It is also prohibited to publish all types of human trafficking.
  •  The product or auction is prohibited for gambling, betting, or advertisements for witchcraft and sorcery. 
  • On alcohol or spirits of all kinds - It is also prohibited to publish any product or auctions for drugs and hashish of all kinds. 
  • It is prohibited to display and sell devices Eavesdropping and means of inciting the misuse of telephone devices, according to Law No. 9 of 2001 regarding the misuse of telephone communications and eavesdropping devices. 
  • The management of (DVendor Company) reserves the right to block any phone number that uses the application in abuse or damage to others, or if the application is used for purposes other than Legal. 
  • The user takes into account the respect of browsers and other users.
  •  The user who owns the product or auction bears any legal liability or any compensation without the slightest responsibility on (DVendor Company) Penal and civil "for any damages caused to the application, those in charge of it, or others in the event of violation of the laws, regulations, and decisions regulating advertising and all other laws and decisions in force in the country, and his access to the application or his use of the services available to him is an acknowledgment and pledge of that." By banning any user who does not comply with the terms of the application.

Removing offending ads and comments - the end of the ad period:

  • The product or auction is automatically removed from the application after the expiration of the time period specified by the management of (DVendor Company). 
  • The violating product or auctions are removed without informing the offending user and without compensating him. The application management has the right to prevent the offending and violating user from recovering the value of the remaining balance.

Financial rights:

  • The value and duration of the paid product or auction depends on the department in which it is advertised. 
  • The paid balance is converted into points, and the value of each product or auction is determined by a specific point value that depends on the department in which it is advertised.
  •  The value of any other features shall be added to the product or auction value. 
  • After purchasing the balance, the user is not entitled to recover the value of the available balance.

Intellectual property rights

  • The company (Dvendor Company) owns all the intellectual property rights related to the application, as well as all the contents of the application, including data, images, and intellectual content in all its forms on the application and on the website. 
  • It is not permissible in any way to attempt to quote the content of the application in whole or in a mechanical manner or in part intrinsic from it. 
  • It is also prohibited to use the content of this application in any other intellectual work or to include it in an electronic database. 
  • It is also strictly prohibited to resell, distribute, modify, translate or re-engineer the contents of this application in any way. 
  • Dvendor also reserves the full right to place the necessary restrictions to prevent any other person or website from linking or quoting the content of this application. It is also prohibited to re-engineer or disassemble the software used in the application in order to access the source program or code or access the original build of this application.