Delivery Policy

Shipping and delivery policy for the buyer

The shipping and delivery process for products is an essential part of the shopping process through De Vendor, as the task of delivering goods falls within our responsibilities with the need to deliver the product with high quality according to the necessary standards of accuracy and safety.

1.Delivery information:

• The products will be delivered to the delivery address you specified in the order. Please make sure that you write the delivery address and contact details correctly, as incorrect shipping instructions will result in a delay in delivery of the shipment and we may have to charge you for the second delivery attempt or the shipment may not be delivered.

• In the event that the delivery address is not available on the delivery company's network, the delivery company will contact you to obtain the most appropriate address to which the products can be delivered.

• In the event that the order is delivered to a company's address, please note that the delivery company will deliver the order to a mail room or a delivery point, and it will request a signature from the mail room supervisor, and the delivery company does not require a signature designated for the order details.

• In the event that a home address is provided that includes a reception or guard service, the delivery company will deliver the request to the guard. The guard can sign the delivery as long as he has a fixed location in the reception section or inside the building.

By using delivery services with D Vendor, you agree to the following terms and instructions:

• The address to which the commodity is to be delivered must be written accurately, emphasizing that we are not responsible for not receiving the product in this case.

• Please check the shipping costs and details of the process before approval.

• If you feel there is a problem with the delivery process, please contact our technical support team.

• Your use of one of the private mail services and related companies, or delivery with the owner of the boutique, you follow their policies and terms of use.


2. Shipping and delivery costs:

Our primary determinant in the process of delivering products and goods is the merchant who owns the goods. Delivery fees vary from one boutique to another, and are determined by the boutique merchant. It shall be written and illustrated with the invoice of each order before the payment process.

* Delivery and installation orders: to be specified in the product conditions or to be agreed upon before making the order.

3. Delivery times:

1. Specified in the invoice and depends on each boutique merchant within the application and is explained in advance to the customer before payment.

2. If the customer places an order after the end of the company's official working hours, which is five in the evening, then the delivery period will be calculated on the second working day.

3. If you do not receive your product(s) within the Estimated Delivery Time specified in the Dispatch Confirmation, you should contact us via the Website, by e-mail or by calling our Customer Service Centre.


4. Email notifications:

• We'll send you updates via email, so you can stay up to date on delivery.

• When your order leaves the warehouse, we will send you an email. This message contains the order number and a link to tracking information. We will also send you email notifications on the day of delivery, based on the selected delivery method, address and delivery company. You will likely receive approximately two (2) notices for each product in your order.


5. Change Order:

• When preparing or sending your order for dispatch, we may not be able to change the delivery address. And if the order is with the delivery company, you can contact them directly and they will amend the delivery address if possible.

• In the event that you do not receive the notification of sending via e-mail, please contact us.


6. Order Tracking:

• Regarding deliveries through the delivery company, you can track the status of the order at any time through the application status.

• On the Account page, you can view the current status of the order, view items ordered, see estimated dispatch and delivery times, and track delivery.


7. Inquiries regarding undelivered or damaged orders:

First: Non-delivery:

• In the event that no one is present at the address at the time of delivery and the call is not answered by us or by the delivery representative, the customer must contact the delivery company or de Vendor to arrange a new delivery date, with the customer bearing any costs or fees for that.

• If you have exceeded the estimated delivery date mentioned in the email notification and you have not received your package, please contact us. We will discuss the matter with the delivery company and try to deliver your order as soon as possible.

Second: Damaged Requests:

If the item is damaged when you receive it, you can refuse to receive it. If you do not discover the damage until after receipt, please contact us. If the order was delivered damaged, we will contact the delivery service directly to solve the problem as quickly as possible and with the least effort on your part. We will make every effort to keep you informed of the progress of our investigation and to provide you with an alternative.


Last update: 02/07/2023